Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The newest Cook

Our baby arrived - Brayden Grant Cook - weighing in at 7lbs 80z, 20.5 inches. And who does he look like? It's like giving birth to the same baby over and over again, because they all come out looking like their dad. That's right, I do all of the work and get none of the credit. It's a darn good thing their dad is so good lookin'.

For anyone curious, and just for journaling sake - here is this round - summed up. I was supposed to be induced on Tues. Jan 27, but I went in for my appt. on the 26th to make sure everything was still on, and I hadn't been feeling to well. I gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks, my legs were so swollen I felt like I was flexing my leg muscles all the live long day, and I was seriously seeing spots. For reals. Come to find out I had protein in my urine, and high blood pressure also - which I guess means pre-eclampsia (never had any other problems with my other pregnancies). Oh, and I was also Dilated 5-6 cm. So they told me to get over to the hospital, we were going to have a baby TODAY instead. (the 26th). So I begged to let me go home and get my stuff and Chris first, and they made it sound like such a big deal to hurry up and get back up to the hospital. So we did - we got there at about 1, or 2ish, I think, and then, waited. And waited. And were seriously annoyed with all the waiting. We finally got word my doctor would be coming at 5 or so to break my water and get a move on getting baby here. At 6 I talked my nurse into getting the anesthesiologist over to get me my epidural, 'because I have babies 15 minutes after they break my water' I bragged. In fact, I had been telling my doctor all month I go really, really fast - so not to go anywhere once they break my water and start the pitocin. He finally showed up at 7 and broke my water, then informed me he would be back in an hour, he was getting some dinner. "WHAT?!" I protested, " you better not leave this hospital!" I threatened. He came back to check me in an hour and said, "you are still a solid 6". I shrugged my shoulders and could feel my ears turns bright red. I looked like such a big fat liar! I managed to throw out a 'sorry' as he left again. Then I realized they hadn't started the pitocin yet. So they did. and when he came back the next time an hour later, I was able to redeem myself. Got baby here. Chris even gowned up and got to deliver Brayden. Our OB in Washington always let the dad's help catch if they wanted to, so he got to help with the other three kids. This OB was alot of fun, and I let his student doctor come in for the delivery, so he and Chris were able to do the whole delivery while my OB 'coached.' Bring in the entourage. Brayden arrived at 9:38 pm, a sweet little piece of heaven placed in my arms. It is such a miracle. You go through so much for what seems like an endless amount of time, and in a fleeting moment, this sweet precious child is here. I feel so lucky to be a mom.

My mom came down from Seattle to stay for 2 weeks, and I would not have made it this time without her! Chris and I are so thankful she was able to come and be with us. She is so helpful, and such a good Grandma. Mom, I love you!!!

My friend Shelby came over to take pictures of Brayden. Shelby has her own photography business, and takes beautiful pictures. Here is the link to her photography site FizzieLime Photograpy. She does all sorts of different photo sessions, and we can't wait to do family pictures with her. Thanks so much Shelby!

I don't know why, but blogger won't let me re-arrange pictures on my posts lately, so I will post some pictures from the hospital separately down below.

Hospital pic's

I think he's a little disgruntled.

Chris helping with his first bath in the 'nursery'. I didn't even know hospitals still had nursery's. Chris followed after the nurse as she whisked away our new little guy just an hour old. He had to make sure they didn't switch him with some other baby.

Ah, more like it. Snug as a bug in a rug.

Aww, my baby, holding my baby.

I think Jake felt a little out of place.

That's better. I think he's warming up.

What a good big sister! And Holy crap is my face nice and swollen!

Chris looks a little tired.

But he CAN'T be as tired as I am. Wait, he did have to sleep in a recliner for two nights in a row. Maybe he is. At any rate, we were glad to get out of the hospital.

I just love his dang little mits.