Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey!

My little Rag Doll

My Baby is 7 today. Which is kindof amazing actually, because I just brought her home from the hospital.

It was a cold, blustery Seattle night, and I was cranky and uncomfortable as I sat, beached on my couch, counting the minutes and timing my annoying 'cramps.' I was getting more and more cranky and uncomfortable as the hours passed, and Chris was headed off for his 2nd job - night shift, stocking shelves at Home Depot. He kissed me goodbye, and told me to call him if I thought it was time to go to the Hospital. I said goodbye at about 9:30 pm and tossed a 'yeah, right' after him as he closed the front door. Time to go to the hospital? Yeah right. I'm not in labor.

About an hour and a half later, I called up the labor and delivery at my hospital and told them of my worsening symptoms. They instructed me to get in a hot bath, and either my contractions would stop altogether, or they would pick up and I would need to come in. 'Come in?!' I thought to myself. No way. 'What to expect while you are expecting' tells me what labor is supposed to be like. Contractions are supposed to last 45-60 seconds and get closer and closer together. Plus, they are supposed to hurt really, really bad, right?

So, I took a bath, and about 5 minutes into my not so relaxing bath, I started to do that stupid breathing thing because I thought I was going to DIE. I quickly called Chris and told him it was TIME to go to the hospital and to hurry up and get home. He was a 30 minute drive away, and my hospital was another 45 minute drive away. Thank goodness he was a first time Dad, fulfilling the scene he had created in his own mind that wasn't that much different than the one in the movies - Wife is all of a sudden in labor at midnight and you get to fly to the hospital. He was there in about 10-15 minutes, thank goodness, because I was doing that hard core hee-hee-hoo breathing that I swore I would never do at birthing classes. I had about five contractions just making it from our little condo to the car in the parking lot. Superdad then of course drove like a maniac to the hospital probably doing at least 90 mph, because, of course, he was only doing what first time Dad's are supposed to do. All I remember of that exhilarating drive was Chris in crisis mode hollering "Those contractions are NOT 3-5 minutes apart! We were supposed to go to the hospital when they were 3-5 minutes apart!" Duh. I would have done that if they actually did what the dang book told me they were going to do.

Long story short, My labor was quick, the anesthesiologist was my hero and the man of the hour, aside from my OBGYN, and in the early hours of the day they placed the tiniest, softest, sweetest, most breathtakingly beautiful bundle of instant love in my arms. It still brings tears to my eyes. She was everything I had ever dreamt of, everything I had ever hoped for, but not in a million years could have ever been prepared for in my life. No one can ever tell you how instantly life changing it is to hold your first baby in your arms. No one can ever put into words the instantly overwhelming feeling of unconditional love that it is to hold your child for the first time. I am so lucky to be a mom. And now all of a sudden, she is 7. Where did 7 years go? I was talking to Chris the other day, and wondered aloud if the next 7 years were going to go as fast as the last. He said he thought they would probably go even faster. And I told him he better call the WAAAAAaaaaaambulance, because I think I am going to crumble at the thought.

Bailey Anne, you are such a joy. I am so thankful you came to our family. I am so blessed and lucky to be your Mom. You are amazing in so many ways. I love your sweet spirit, your gentleness and kindness; your infectious laugh, your innocence, your compassionate heart; your forgiving nature, your desire to serve others, your ability to make new friends so quickly. You are such a good big sister, such a great example, so much fun to be with, and I love you!!! Now, stop growing up! Happy Birthday my love.
Love, Mom

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Plugging the pipes

Should I be concerned that my 2 year old just ate up 6 pieces of bubblegum? Or should I be glad I know where they are and not chewed and strewn about...

Just to make sure his plumbing wasn't already good and stopped up he dove into a brick of good old fashioned cheese.

That's right, I ate Cheese mom. Now I am peacefully playing with my cars. What? I didn't do anything.

It is safe to say someone may be getting a diet of raisins, prune juice, and milk of magnesia; while someone else will be on poo-watching duty for the hunk of bubblegum to make it on through.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It would take a miracle...

Here's the low down at the Cook household: AKA the latest drama filled episode, the continuation... if you will...

We have managed to hang on for the past 9 months since closing our business, in high hopes that we would get the job that would "solve it all" in Mesa, Arizona. Not my ideal place to move. C'mon, I am a wet Seattle girl. 85 degrees is way too hot for me. But geez, I followed my man to the cold, windy, treeless (ok, virtually treeless) place of Idaho to follow his dreams. Why wouldn't I follow him elsewhere for financial security and a job he already went to school for? Well, after passing all of the background investigations and rigorous testing, we received a call saying 'we would love to offer you a job, but, due to the economic crisis there is a hiring freeze..."

So we jumped to plan B. He is 3 years into getting a license that takes 4 years, and even better, if he goes back to school at ISU this year for another program, it adds to the license he's getting next year and makes him even more valuable, and I won't have to worry about him going undercover on a drug bust and getting shot at at 2 AM while he is patrolling in his sexy cop uniform, plus, we don't have to move to a HOT place. Double perk.

Plan B entails going to school from 8-3 everyday. Shoot. We still need another job since now he can only work in the evenings (which we haven't been able to get for the past 9 months), we also still need to downsize it to 'student' life again aka: apartment living with 4, count em' 4 little crazies that are all under the age of 7, and lets face it, we still haven't sold our house. Oh, did I mention school starts in 1 week? Ooooh, did I also mention we get to bring #4 home in like 2-3 weeks also?

My big master plan is not so much working out. Unless, by some miracle we sell our house in the next 7 days, and or get another job that will support his school schedule and still somewhat pay the bills, and if we hear from the school that there were still pell grant funds and financial aid funds available so we can pay for school... it looks like school will be put off until August. IF we get accepted back into the program again.

But for now, sigh, I guess we have to put up with a constantly traveling parent, and hope that there really is someone who navigates the 'big' picture for us and has our best interests in mind. Cuz that is what we really want. I do realize that my way, is not always the best way.

I just wish that if my master plan wasn't going to work out anyways, we could stop having people call to come and 'see' the house. Every time someone does or does not show up for a looksy after my rigorous cleaning and hollering at the kids not to 'touch anything!!!' I get my hopes up that it all might work out by some miracles. It is seriously toying with my emotions.

2 people are coming tomorrow to look. It could all still happen, right?! Like I said, totally toying with my emotions.