Monday, March 28, 2011

To Blog!

Okay friends, you sufficiently motivated me back into the blog-o-sphere! My main reason for blogging is so I can have a journal for my family. And since I will be making this into a book, this is the perfect forum. Also, it is fun to correspond with the people I love, adore, and admire (You:), so thanks for your words of encouragement and your thoughts.

My goal: once a week. Possibly Friday mornings. Maybe late Monday nights after kids are in bed like now. I don't know yet, but the goal for me is to find a good time that will still allow for me to have some balance with the other things I should be doing and so I won't get too distracted blog-hopping for too long. You are all really fascinating and talented and witty and well spoken (written) and once I start to see what is happening in your lives I lose track of time. That is why I haven't read any blogs of anyone or facebooked in months! Finding balance in life is hard, but I will never give up trying.

So, a new post about what is happening at the Cook's coming soon... :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

to blog, or not?

So, I am thinking about blogging again. The key word is here is 'thinking', because that is about all I have time to do these days. Lots of time to think amidst the chaos about all of the things I would like to do but not alot of time to actually do. Blogging keeps popping in and out of my thoughts... I need a better way to document my growing family other than mental snapshots I take daily with my mind. I am just not sure when I am going to fit this into a life busting at the seams currently... Any thoughts?