Saturday, May 3, 2008

Breaking in the riding lawnmower

We finally got to break in our riding lawn mower and cut the Grass for the first time since planting it last fall. Woo-hoo!

Or should I say, cut the weeds. Lets be honest here.

Holy crap, we've got an acre of weeds.

But we sure had fun playing out in the yard on the trampoline and playset while Dad buzzed around. It brought back memories from my childhood with the smell of the fresh-cut grass and the sound of the lawnmower. Those are some of my best childhood memories with my family, staying up late on those long summer days, playing in the yard, not having a care in the world.

We had a fun day together. Dad even gave everyone rides on the lawnmower. (Too bad there was no one to take a picture of Mom getting a ride on Dad's lap!) Anyway, here are some of the kids:


Shelby said...

Your kids are too darn cute. You haven't seen a yard full of weeds until you see mine in a few weeks. Seriously--weeds up to the windows!

Jenny G. said...

Hey this is cute. Yea for Carter he's finally free in the back yard. Oh look how happy he is. We will have to let him & Taylor go out this week to play with the big kids.

apyknowzitall said...

I'm so jealous. I want a lawnmower like that.

Sarah said...

I think that's an especially great picture of Bailey!