Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School!

A new chapter at our house has officially begun. I now have a child in school all the live long day. I never thought this day would come, and now that it has it is kind of, well, bittersweet. Not only is one in school all day, #2 is starting school half-days. I can't believe I will only have one kid home for half the day. It was so quiet yesterday with just the boys here. Jake and I had fun during Carter's nap doing kindergarten 'homework' and we made Chocolate Chip Cookies to surprise Bailey when she got home from school. It makes me feel like I can do 4 kids. Thank goodness for the school day! It surely eases the madness. It gives my children a break from me nagging them, gives them a sense of independence, gives them a chance to miss me, and of course for me to miss them; after all absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? All you teachers, I love you!
Here is my big first grader. I forgot to take her picture before she left the house so I of course ran out to the bus stop to get one. She was kind of embarrassed.

I then of course followed the school bus to her school to make sure she knew where to go. It kind of freaked me out just sending her to a new school on the bus. I found her on the playground and made sure she knew how to get to her classroom. For which I received an eye roll and a 'Mom, I know where my class is.' And I was officially forced to let go.

I did however snap one last picture of her with her friend Miranda, who is in second grade. I was so glad she had a friend to be with on the first day to help her.

When she got home I forced her to take a couple more pictures of her Hannah Montana outfit she had to wear on her first day. It brought back memories of when I was little. Remember your 'perfect' outfit you stressed out over? This is starting entirely too early.

When she got home I excitedly asked her about her day, and she immediately pulled out her lunch box and began eating. She was not prepared for how quickly lunchtime goes, and only got through her sandwich and a couple of grapes before it was all over. She was starving. I felt bad. She then went on to tell me forlornly " Mom, I didn't make even one friend today." Me eyes still well up just thinking about it. As a mother you want your child to feel as loved as they can as they go out to face the world. I felt so sad that her little 6 year old heart was so heavy. It made me sad to hear her question her self-worth already. It broke my heart to hear her talk about how she felt lonely, and ate lunch by herself. " I don't want to go back to first grade mom!" she lamented. "I miss you, and I was gone all day!"

We discussed some things she could do to make a new friend in her class. And she informed me that she had tried already. Apparently another girl in her class was wearing the same shirt as her. Bailey told her she liked her shirt and that maybe they could be friends. In Bailey's re-iteration of the story, the girl curtly replied 'thanks. I already have lots of friends though, so I don't need you play with me.'

Where are these little 6 year old monsters being reared?! I can't believe how mean some girls are, and it starts so young! I have 6 brothers. Boys just aren't like that. I still don't get how some grown women are still like that! I hope Bailey never resorts to excluding and belittling. I felt so bad! What would you tell your little ones in this situation? I hope her sense of self-worth is never hinged on the opinions or lack of inclusion from others. I want her to be self-confident and find myself struggling to instill this sometimes; raising a little girl has been so hard for me as she grows and changes, because I find myself reliving the insecurities and discouraging feelings I also had when I was growing up. The last thing I want is for history to repeat itself; I want to protect her from having the childhood I had. What would you do?

At 10 AM I headed over for Jacob's Kindergarten orientation. We had to make a scrapbook page for the class book telling about Jacob, so we took some pictures the night before. I just love your pretty blue eyes Jake.

And here he is, all ready to go for his first day. I can't believe how fast the time goes. He was so excited.This is his teacher Mrs. Crane. Bailey had her last year, and we love her. I am so happy Jacob is in her class this year.

Here's is Jake hitting the playground real fast before going home to get Carter from the Nelson's. He is here with our neighbor, and his friend Bryce. They are in the same class. I am so glad he has a buddy to ride the school bus with.

Here is the big 2 year old, ready to wreak havoc on his first day as the center of attention. It is a good thing he's so cute. It makes his dual personality of destructo-man bearable.


Shelby said...

I was so excited to see this post and it sounds like you must be feeling a little better, (I hope!)

I feel so bad for Bailey! Maybe you can talk to some of the mom's in your ward that have kids her age to see if they can make a special effort to include her. I just met a lady the other night, and I think she's in your ward, Jeni Hurst. I think her daughter might be about the same age as Bailey, and maybe your girls can get together sometime so she has some friends her age. I can get her number for you if you're interested. She's new to the area, and might really appreciate the chance to meet people too!

Your kids look so darn cute! They have such pretty eyes. Call me when you feel up to it!

emily said...

my own eyes welled up while i read about bailey's first day at school! 'buck up little camper - before long you'll be loving school and those mean girls will be begging to be your friend!'
i think i'd end up telling abi that she is wonderful and beautiful and that when she feels bad that her Heavenly Father cares about her friends and that she could say a little prayer in her head that He will help her find a good friend. she's such a nice girl and when the other kids get to know her they'll love her! remind her that you had the same struggle when you moved to ID and now look at you!!
as for those boys of yours ... shoot - could jake be more of a lady killer? watch out for that one in a few years ... those eyes!!
carter is going to eat up the alone time ... take full advantage of it ... put him down for a nap and take one yourself!! love ya!!

Sarah said...

It was fun to see you today..out and about..back from the dead and all.
Don't know what to tell you about doesn't get any easier as a I guess I'd have to say "That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."
Not really comforting I know, but kids feelings are way tougher than their moms!

lefty said...

Jenny!!!! I found your blog lurking on others blogs. I know, psycho stalker! It's fun to read what every one is up to.
I talked with your dad the other day and heard you were in Idaho. Looks like you are well--your children are adorable.
My oldest, Annalise, just started all day kindergarten and Madeline started two days a week of morning preschool. I hardly know what to do...except the normal house stuff and the abnormally quiet, though.
Love, Kimberlee

Katie said...

I hope that you don't mind I found you blog from Jotiens. I can't believe how Bailey has grown. She used to be so small in my primary class and she is all grown up, WOW. I love your blog.