Friday, June 12, 2009

Decongestant tablets don't taste good was experimented upon this morning by a less than happy Carter.

I of course called poison control as he was drooling, hollering, and rubbing his eyes; and also because I only found a half a tablet left out of a package that should contain two little red pills. SOMEBODY thought they were candy.

Luckily, because they expired in 2003 and had lost a little potency, they seemed to think we may be able to handle it at home. I was told if he vomited, acted drowsy, or hyper, or anything out of the ordinary to call them back. Other than a little face rubbing for about an hour, he seemed to do ok. Stomach pumping averted. Phew.


On another random note, I walked past Bailey's room this morning to hear this little scenario taking place:

"You just sit back and belax Bailey, I've got this." Said Jacob, as Bailey sat lounged on her couch reading a book aloud. Jacob proceeded to clean up her room and haphazardly make her bed! I wonder what sort of arrangement they've got going on!


Sarah said...

You do have poison control on speed dial, right? LOL! I would bet that Bailey has some sort of information she is holding over Jacob, like promising not to tell you something he did, or tell someone he likes or something like that. Let us know when you know! We are on the edge of our seats here!

Katie said...

THat is so funny. My boys won't clean for each other unless I gave them something. Your kids are so cute. I can imagine them right now.

Mrs. B said...

Good times!