Monday, October 22, 2007

Super saturday

Our ward had Super Saturday on the 20th. I made this magnet board, and magnets. They are super easy to make and Cute huh?

One of the bad things about moving elsewhere. Bugs. What the heck is this? All I have to say is Gross. Where are the bugs I know? I like the bugs I know. I know it is only Idaho and not africa or something, but this bug is not a spider, but looks like one and has wings and spots.


aliciadiane said...

So crafty. I like it. We are having our super sat. this Thurs. (?) I should post what I made for it. I am teaching a class. But I wish there was more cute things like your FHE board.

iamjennycook said...

Thanks alicia. What are you teaching? I want to see it. By the way, the link to my blog is wrong on your site. there is no www in front of my space. Just in case you were wondering:)

aliciadiane said...

Jenny- I was the .blogspot part Thanks it is fixed. My craft is decorated letters that spell JOY. Pretty cute, I will post pictures.

nicki said...

Ok, i finally remembered what my google info was so now i can leave comments again.

We just did our "Fabulous Friday" too. It was so fun! Of course I would have had more fun if I wasn't in charge...i would have loved to just hang out and make stuff with the ladies. they looked like they were having a blast. we made magnet boards too, what a co-inki-dink. i know, i'm a big nerd. ;)

Muriel said...

I live in Pocatello (where are you?), and something brought these Box Elder Bugs (like the one you pictured) here in force this year. They were all over the outside of our house, attached to anything and everything vertical. Oh well, at least they are gone and weren't Hobo spiders.

(p.s. April in Washington is my cousin-in-law)