Sunday, October 21, 2007

sweet tooth

So, it has been a stressful couple of weeks for us, and Chris has a contract to finish a job in ten days, thus, had to work the first Sunday since our moving out here. So of course, I skipped church because although I may have braved it in Washington before Carter was mobile, I have surrendered to the facts that yes, my children are unruly and I am willing to be annoyed with the unruliness of it all in the comfort of my own home, minus the 2 hour rush and painstaking effort of getting ready and to church on time; minus the blood sweat and tears inflicted by high heels toting a 25 pound-can't-stay-still-for-one-minute 16 month old, minus the irritation and headache caused by a 4 year old who will remained nameless.

I feel justified if you can't tell.

But to tell you the truth, things have been stressful for the Cook family the past couple of weeks, and my normal routine has felt impossible to accomplish. Just couldn't do it. The past two weeks, I haven't worked out. I haven't gone to bed at the time I tell myself I should in order to wake up for said workout. I have even broke the cardinal rule of no food after established time in the evening and have found myself eating zoned out in front of the DVR.

And I woke up this morning in need of comfort. And what says come on over for some comfort more than some chocolate chip cookies? Well, if you have been to my house you would know the Cook's bake chocolate cookies on a regular basis. They are pretty much a staple at our house. Milk, eggs, cereal, chocolate chips. Staple.

So all day, in the back of my mind, the cookies were literally beckoning. And by this afternoon, I had finally talked myself into baking a healthier version - oatmeal raisin. They are at least a little healthy right? So I whipped em up at nap time.

A word to the wise. Don't make cookies with unsalted butter. They are barf.

oh well, I guess I really didn't need cookies anyway.

Did I mention Carter is driving me CRAZY?

Yes, he can now climb up on our kitchen table. His most joyous accomplishment to date. He is so proud of himself. He annoyingly scoots out all of the chairs across the house and climbs up on whatever else he can get on as well. Did I mention one of my pet peeves is when the kids leave the chairs scooted out from the table? Well it is. It looks so messy. Yes I know there is macaroni under the table but the chairs being visually askew is SO annoying. I am re scooting them in after the craft making child all the live long day. Now I am having to accept this from yet another child. Did I mention I am developing a twitch?


emilyshaw said...

i think i have the very same twitch! welcome to my world girlfriend - it's all about mayhem! don't even worry that i made cupcakes, cookies and banana bread this week ... did i mention that i haven't lost a pound in my quest to lose 20 by christmas!?

Jeanine said...

We and everyone else have been trying to figure out who Nathan really looks like since he was born... And then we saw the Halloween pictures of the kids. Carter and Nathan could be twins, they're definitely cousins. We'll send you the year picture of him. You won't believe it! The two boys must have the Nichols' genes! Take care. Jeanine.