Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eight is Great!!!!!

Eight years and three kids later, you still are and always will be the love of my life, among other things...

A totaly hot stud muffin (He really can't help it)

Worlds greatest Dad

And most definitely my best friend.
Happy Anniversary Honey!
I'm so glad you picked me!
Note to self:take more pictures of us together.


Julie said...

Happy anniversary Jenn and Chris.

Shelby said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you get to do something fun together!

Jenny G. said...

Hey you too are so cute together and seem to have so much fun after all these years. lol Happy Anniversary Jen & Chris. PS Teach Bailey how to run the camera and you'll have your photos together!!! Randee gives lessons if you don't want too. haha

Jen and Dave said...

happy anniversary jen and chris. We love you guys. Sorry so late. We suck I know. Being busy sucks. hope you had a good one.