Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your love and support. I feel so much gratitude and feel so blessed to know so many kind and compassionate women. I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky. I have felt an outpouring of love, and have literally felt my burdens lifted over the past few days. I kind of panicked after posting last time. I wrote that late at night, and was overcome by emotion, and when the air cleared the next day, I started to wonder what the heck I was thinking putting myself out there like that! I hate being that needy girl, so stripped down and broken. I realize though, that at times, we are all stripped down and a little broken. Again, I thank you all for lifting me up in a time of need. I just wanted you all to know, I really am ok. I am going to be ok, I do realize this - and it is up to me to be patient in my life and try to endure - cheerfully if possible. I promise not to be so boo-hooey next time!


lefty said...

You can be however you are at the moment. I love you whether you are making me laugh or making me worry a little. I like honesty. It makes me feel not so alone.

emily said...

i love you jenny!

Jen and Dave said...

Jenny, I hope you realize how much your family loves and cares about you. I know we don't always keep in touch as frequently as we should but we really do pray for each other. We're excited to see you guys for Thanksgiving! I think Jen and I are planning on spending Thanksgiving with her family because her brother just came back from his mission, but we will be coming over to Aaron's on Friday so it will be fun to see you. We love and pray for you guys!