Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Pumpkin Night

Our annual pumpkin carving night took place in two parts. Part one, pumpkin gathering/purchasing. I really wanted to find a local pumpkin patch to go to this year. I found a couple that were pretty close, but Chris didn't get back from California until Saturday late-afternoon. He works during the week until 5:30, and since we live in Timbuktu, it would be dark by the time we made it to any pumpkin patch within a week before Halloween. I settled for fake pumpkin patch pictures at Walmart.

Carter, Say Cheese.

Bailey, strike a pose

Jacob, don't be cheesy. Love ya, buddy.
Part two took place the next night. Family night first where we talked about Prayer, and bribed the kids with pumpkin carving after the lesson if they would sit still for 5 minutes. They did pretty good at the sitting still part, we forgot to specify we wanted them to listen and participate, and they thought that our lesson was taking forever. During the opening prayer Jacob said "and I just can't wait to carve pumpkins Heavenly Father, can you please hurry our lesson..."
This girl never has qualms about pumpkin guts
pumpkin guts still make this guy want to barf, ahhhh, just like his Mom.
This one never needs to be asked to help make a mess, nor does he listen when it is time to stop making a mess. But isn't he cute?
We attempted making these. I discovered this morning they may be just for looks, as they aren't exactly edible. I was lazy and bought he Carmel squares you can unwrap and melt. BIG mistake. When they re harden they are really, really, hard. Good thing we will get real treats in 2 more nights.

Ta-da! I always love it when the carving is over.
Happy Halloween, Love the Cooks


the wood family said...

Looks like you had a blast. We got James the Mr. Pumpkin Head Pirate. I have decided that is the only way to carve pumpkins. I hate the guts too - make my want to lose my dinner.

Heidi said...

That is awesome. You are such a good mom! We didn't even attempt carving pumpkins this year. I decided to let them paint instead, much less of a mess. I can tell your kids had fun.

Shelby said...

Is that a potato head pumpkin?!! Great idea! We picked the pumpkins, but no carving for us this year. Easton hasn't noticed yet.

emily said...

so fun! i love the pumpkin pictures! bailey is so beautiful - stop growing up girl!!
and the apples story made me laugh right out loud ... too funny! don't break a tooth!
Love ya!

Jen and Dave said...

carter's pumpkin is so cute :-) Hope you guys have a good halloween.

Mrs. B said...

Tagged again, I thought you would be good at this one. And also, I like the looks of those apples. I never care if I have to gnaw the carmel off.

apyknowzitall said...

I totally missed doing pumpkins this year. I was holding out until I saw them for cheaper than 25 cents a pound and completely forgot about Walmart. What kind of mom am I?

Those apples do look pretty tasty (even if they're super hard;)

Katie said...

I love the pictures. You always look like your having fun. The kids looking like they loved carving pumpkins, I really like Carter's.