Saturday, October 4, 2008

A coincidental bug

Good news people. Bailey was up until 3:30 last night, burning up with a 103.5 temp. wailing, moaning and crying about her tummy hurting. I put her in bed with me since she was inconsolable and so helpless. I hate it when they are sick and suffering. Jacob did the same thing earlier this week, and it only lasted about 24-36 hours. I now know that Carter really didn't sear out the lining of his stomach and cause permanent damage to his body (which I really was starting to believe because he on the other hand kept up with a temperature and bad tummy ache for about 4 days). Just a freaky bug of some type. I mean, I have never seen a temperature and stomach ache and no other symptoms ever. Weird. But I feel better now.

I am off to bed for once before 9 pm at night. I ended up letting Carter and Jacob sleep on my floor last night because they kept repeatedly coming in to bother me in the midst of dealing with the moaning child. I know I sound so compassionate. I just think compassion is hanging on by a thread these days. I finally caved and told them to zip their dang lips and sleep on the floor, but for Pete's sake, don't wake me up again. Whew. Sleep now is calling my name. Just wanted to share.


the wood family said...

Hey I set my blog to private. I had some weirdo write a comment on my blog and don't want to take any chances. I sent you several invites but I don't think they are working. If you do get one all you have to do is click on the invite and type in your blogger email and password. Then you will be able to get onto my blog as long as you are logged on to yours. If you never got one email me at

I am sorry your little family is sick. I hate it when my kids are sick and being pregnant doesn't help your situation!

If you listened to conference yesterday, I sugggest you do what Brother Worthlin said in his talk about trials, "Come what may and love it" When I heard him say that I said yeah right. But it kind of makes sense. Our trials in life are only going to get bigger and we have to be able to handle them all in order to return to our Father in Heaven. If you make it through this horrible time you can look back on it when going through another trial and say I made it before, I can make it again. I kind of look at them (trials) as a mini boot camp for what is to come in the last days.

Good luck, I am praying for your little family to get better so you can get the sleep you need!

emily said...

JENNY!! I'm so sorry ... i wish i was there to help!!! i totally thought of you when elder wirthlin spoke. i'm crying for you and with you ... please know that i love you!