Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jacob has a girlfriend

The kids and I were just 'hangin out' on the couch a few weeks ago, chattin it up. Bailey will chat it up for hours if I let her. She's a girly girl who like to tell you all about it. Jacob is not so much the chatty type, but likes to listen in on everything once in a while, and every once in a while likes to share random snippets from "a day in the life of Jacob." I think listening to all of Bailey's 'sharing' inspired him to do a little of his own.

"Mom, I have a girl-friend." Stated matter of factly with a smidge of pride lingering in the air. "Yeah, I do. Her name is Hannah."

"Really, Jake? How do you know she is your girlfriend?" I asked.

"Because we met, and we playded together. Me and Tanner and Bryce and Hannah. Yeah." He said.

"Oh, is she in your class?" I asked.

"No, she's in a different class. We playded on recess. Me and Tanner and Bryce makded important plans on the bus on how to get the girls. Yeah." He giggled.

I had to chuckle too. I never thought my little boy would like girls. Not yet at least. I thought Bailey would be the one liking boys first - but she hasn't been the least bit interested up until now, even though most of her friends have been boys at school. (That could be because there have been about 20 boys and 5 girls in her classes the last 2 years though.) Bailey looked a little shocked at my reaction.

"Your not mad that Jacob has a girlfriend?" she said in utter disbelief.

"I don't think she is really his girlfriend Bailey, " I whispered with a smile. "It is okay that he thinks she is pretty, " I said for all to hear. "It is normal to notice when other people are cute," I told them both. "But NO KISSING," I warned with a grin. "That, is Gross!" I told them both. To which they both melted in fits of giggles.

Then Bailey piped in with "I think Brayden is cute!" Brayden is a boy in her class.

Ahh, kindergarten love. This is all starting too soon for me!


Shelby said...

It's too soon, isn't it?!! I love that they maked important plans on how to get the girls--so funny!

How did your girls' night go? Sorry I wasn't able to be there!

lefty said...

You commented on my post, and I'm not sure you'll revisit, so I have to ask: Lysol? Pray tell.

Jenny said...

So dang cute. Welcome to my world of love crazed kids. LOL

Mrs. Jones said...

Cute! I just wanted to thank you for the invite! I do feel a little trapped in the nursery. It meant alot. I hope it works out next time!