Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Raisin incident

Carter and I were laying on my bed watching The Little Mermaid this morning. I had one of those nights that left me delirious upon awakening. I started to doze off when I was jolted back to reality by the shrieks of Carter. I bolted upright, hovered over him, and a little panicked, asked what was wrong.


"What?! Are you sure?!" Duh. I am sure he was pretty sure.

"YEAH MOM!" Said in complete hysterics and discomfort.

I then of course squeezed his nostrils, couldn't feel anything, and told him to blow his nose. To which, he then sniffed.

"No, blow your nose Carter, like this," I idiotically demonstrated. I'm a mommy, what are you gonna do?

To which he said: "Huh?" in a very perplexed manner.

I then proceeded to adjust his head in various positions to aim the light up his dark little nostrils until I spotted the intruder. There it was, lodged up his left nostril just as explained. "How the heck am I gonna get this out?" I thought to myself. First thought was a q-tip with the cotton picked off. Not so much. Didn't work. Then I remembered my little mani/pedi case I got for Christmas that hasn't been used - it has tiny tweezers in it, and once I was able to hold his arms and still his writhing head and body sufficiently, it did the job. I think just in the nick of time too. It was pretty soft and mushy at this point.

I pulled the offender out, held it up in all its glory, covered in green goo (I think I just gagged) and said:

"I got it!"

To which Carter said:

"Can I eat it Mom?"

There's your laugh for the day, compliments of Carter. And, your welcome.


lefty said...

I think improvise is synonomous with parenting. Nice work. I think you can also blow into their mouth...

emily said...

ewwww ... that's pretty funny!

Mrs. B said...

I like it! When Tristen was about Carters age, he said one conference Sunday, " I DO NOT have a special rock up my nose." Yes he did and it did not come out with tweezers. The doctor has a special tool for those kinds on things.

Katie said...

You have the greatest stories. I couldn't help but laugh through the whole story. You are getting pretty good and handle all the Carter dishes out. I'm not so good with Haedon. You make me want to try harder. Thanks

go mom go said...

hee hee! Brad's sister once got a pencil eraser stuck up hers. They didn't realize it until she started having sinus problems and they took her to the doctor.