Thursday, May 7, 2009

More... on my whirling dervish

My back started to go out yesterday. When this happens the only thing between me lying motionless in my bed and having to call my neighbors for 'bathroom' reinforcements is some serious hydrocodone. Thank goodness we had some left over in our cupboard from Chris's surgery last year. One of my awesome neighbors took my older boys for a few hours yesterday while Brayden slept, so I could get some rest. She then (of course because she is awesome like that) brought dinner by - without asking. She probably knows I would have said "no, really, we will be fine" because I wouldn't have wanted to bother her. She has 5 kids of her own and a very busy husband. And then we all would have eaten a bowl of Fruit Loops for dinner. Can I just say, I am SO thankful she served me! I want to be more like her. And my back is doing better today.

Anyways... another Carter update -

I was in the bath this morning, and he of course, was in something else... He came running in with his mouth gaping open, pointing to his obvious mouth ajar, hollering open mouth talk, and I had to laugh.

"Did you eat something, Carter?"

"Yeah, mom!" Said in a panicked, slash, perlexingly urgent manner. "I Drinkded something!"

"What did you drink?" I said with a little dread in my voice.

"I drinkded a potion mom!"

"Can you bring it to me?"

"Yeah mom!" he said as he scampered off. Only to return with our huge bottle of Vanilla extract, half gone.

"Did you drink a lot, or a little bit?"

"Huh mom?"

"Did you spill some?"

"Yeah Mom."

"It tastes yucky, huh?"

"Yeah mom!!!" Said in utter disgust.

As I contemplated calling poison control, I went out to the kitchen to see our floor covered with spilt vanilla extract and next to it, the measuring spoons. Needless to say, someone has observed someone else making Chocolate Chip Cookies... one to many times!!!

And on another random note, Is there ANYTHING worse than finding Big Boy Poop in their Big Boy Underwear?!

I think not!!!

Let's just say another perfectly good pair of Lightning McQueen's bit the dust!


lefty said...

I love laughing with you! Though when I read the "bottle of vanilla incident" (that's what we'll call it) I thought this might be a post about him being drunk...good thing he spilled most of it, huh?

Do you have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe? Share?

tricki_nicki said...

I'm loving your crazy updates. I'm laughing and missing you a whole lot at the same time!

jennycooks said...

Yes, I have a good Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. I will post it for you soon.

I'm thinking I need to make a washington trip and make the rounds to see my friends! miss you girls!

Pam's Ponderings said...

Too darn funny!
And...boy...did I need it today!
I am sorry to hear about your back....I sooooo relate....
You do have the best friends!

Mrs. B said...

No, big boy poop in big boy underwear is NOT the worst. Big boy poop in big boy underwear hiding under the bed is worse. Seriously. I mean it!

jennycooks said...

Okay Kathy - I just laughed right out loud!! And yes, I can see how that is definitely worse! Yet another opportunity to count my blessings.

Katie said...

You always have some great stories and pictures. I feel your laughter and pain. Call me if you ever need a break. Haedon and Carter would have a blast together I think.