Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Granny Bunco

It was Bunco night at JG's a couple of weeks ago. If you weren't there, you are invited for next time - we are always scrambling to fill all 12-16 spots on the last day anyways. I have had so much fun since she started this up a few months ago. We have had a (mostly) different group of girls almost every time now. I have never lived in an area with so many fun girls around to play with. I feel so blessed to have met so many of you - you all inspire me and touch my life by the way you live yours. You all have big hearts and such warmth.

This is most of the group - a couple of girls had to duck out early.

These are the Granny's that dressed up according to the theme. We all thought they were pretty funny,and looked so great. Some even went for that "Hot Granny" look that I will sure be aiming for when that time in my life actually arrives.

Shelby won the prize for having the traveling Bunco at the end of the Game.

I was so happy I won the prize for the most Bunco's for the night (4) because I usually win nothing. You can't tell in the picture but they are 3 brightly colored ceramic bread pan's. And yes, I am holding the traveling Bunco, because I really did have it at the end of the game, but since I was the BIG winner of the night it went to the person who had it last (Shelby you go girl! You deserved it!). But who's keeping tabs? Certainly not me. And yes, I am totally lame and did not partake in the dress-up portion of the night due to a very busy week.

Shelby and JG.

Michelle and Shelby - Showing their similar necklaces. Michelle went all out and we thought she was the Hot Granny of the night. For the rest of the events you will have to go to Shelby's blog because she keeps up on the festivities better than me. Thanks for sending me the pic's Shelby. I knew I could count on the professional to get the job done!

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Shelby said...

Bunco is too much fun! I'm embarrassed to be in most of these pictures--sorry about that!