Thursday, April 3, 2008

New "do"

So I gave Chris and the boys a haircut; well with Carter, it was more of a hair war. When all was said and done, I discovered I had cut Carter's hair so short, that I could have just used the clippers on a #4 and it would have expedited the battle. Which is what I ended up doing at the very end anyways. BAH! Chris and Jake are so easy, I got a wild hair and decided to do Bailey's as well, since the last time I cut it was before Kindergarten started last year.

Here the little monster is, all tuckered out. It's a good thing he's so cute. And the wild blond Mohawk is no more.

Jacob, you are the sweetest, cutest, sneakiest little boy, and I am so glad you are mine. I love those deep blue eyes of yours, there always seems to be a sneaky little glimmer in them...
You look so much like that handsome daddy of yours!!

I'll have you know that I don't know how to cut "girl" hair. I have observed many a haircut given by my friend Jen, and convinced myself that I could do it. Cutting Bailey's hair last year was a seriously stressful event in my life, I was so afraid I was going to ruin it, but it still turned out pretty cute. Why I forgot the sickening feeling in my stomach accompanying "girl" haircuts, I'll never know, but all hyped up and armed with scissors I got a wild hair yet again and impulsively let the scissors fly. My intent was definitely NOT to cut her pretty long hair so SHORT!!! But after the first cut it was a little too late. I had to finish then. Oh well, it's a good thing it turned out so cute! Bailey, you can pull off any hairdo! You are such a cutie! I love you!
Bailey Before

Bailey After

Look at her posing - yeah, she knows she looks good. Bailey, you're so funny!


Shelby said...

How cute! I absolutely love Bailey's hair--you did a great job!

go mom go said...

That is such an adorable cut on her! Do you want to cut my hair tomorrow? I'm serious!

iamjennycook said...

Thanks Shelby and Angela! Angela, I would totaly do it, but it may just end the friendship!

Mrs. B said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad I saw her pictures before I saw Bailey at church...I don't know if I would have recognized her. The cut is so cute and she looks so grown up. The boy babies are always adorable too!

Jenny G. said...

Hey these are so cute. I will miss that blond mohawk. I loved it. Jacob and that cute smile. Bailey Bailey Bailey I just love the hair. It is adorable and so are those cute teeth. You go cutie. Great job JC. You brave girl. You are my hero.

Lori Ann said...

WOW Bailey! Your hair is so cute short, I can't wait to see you at school on Tuesday.

WOW Jenny you were brave. The only time I have EVER cut my girls hair is when Megan cut HER hair and then I still needed Tom's mom to fix it a bit more.


Levin said...

Hey you!

I just noticed that you posted. I'm glad you visited our blogspot. I think we're within 60 days now and can't believe that little Jackson will be here before we know it!

You and Chris have made some of the cutest kids ever! I know you must feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family.

I wish you lived closer so we could get together more often. I have been incredibly bad at keeping in touch with basically everyone from high school! I actually heard from Laurie this past weekend which was surprising but nice. I haven't heard from her for about 3 1/2 years. I miss our many adventures and your infectious smile!

Your daughter's hair looks adorable. Todd wants me to cut his hair and I'm too chicken to do that!

Keep in touch and let me know if you move to Arizona.


Taylor and Briannia said...

Hey Jenny,
You did such a good job!! I love Bailey's cut it is so cute! I think Jaxon will like it alot(: Hope all is well.
all the best,