Sunday, November 4, 2007

By the way

By the way, I am now tagging Sarah, Lori Ann and Jotien (Jenny G. you too so hurry up with your blog :)

I have known Jotien for a while now. She is a super-fun super-cute super-mom of 6 kids in our ward. She said Hi to us our first Sunday there (though she will probably never remember that because she is one of the friendliest people I have ever met!) But, Jotien thanks for making me feel so welcome and you didn't even know it!

I met Sarah through a mutual friend of ours and the three of us ended up going to a Time out for Women in Pocatello. Okay, Sarah, you are hilarious, I mean seriously. Sarah is a beach blonde hottie from California and we bonded through our actual ties to what civilization really is and in wondering how the heck we married country boys. She has three cute kids and her youngest, Jack (who is dang cute by the way) is in Bailey's kindergarten class! So fun! Sarah, you are so fun!

I have seen Lori Ann several times and couldn't figure out how I knew her - until she came to a get together at Jotien's this weekend. Duh. She works at the kindergarten school and I have fully met her before when I helped in Bailey's class once. Okay, Lori Ann you are a hoot and I am so glad I met you. Lori Ann has three girls. Three. Okay I fully have good friends with three boys. Maybe I can arrange a hook up sometime in the far future!

Jenny G. (There are alot of Jenny's around here and it is so wierd having good friends with the same name as yours) Jenny G. is my neighbor and good friend. She took me under her wing when we moved here and I am so glad she did!! Jenny, you are one fun girl!

so girls, tag you're it.


Lori Ann said...

I will be posting your tag in a bit, but first I need your email addy to send you the information on the Christmas crop :)

Lori Ann said...

ok tag is posted! Thanks for the easy blog entry today!!

Joti said...

Seriously, that was a fun tag! Thanks babe for the kind words! You are just a doll! LOVE ya! I look forward to many more days ahead blogging with ya! woot woot

Sarah said...

I just barely read this! You made my day! I'll do my 'tag' soon, I promise!