Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Girls Night Out

Pictured left to right: Me, Amy, Jenny G., Shelby

(Okay, I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but didn't post it until I got the pictures.)

This past weekend I had my first official "girls night out" since moving here. It made me a little sentimental about all of the fun GNO's spent with my long lost BFF's from Washington - you all know who you are - and I miss you guys (sniff) But it was so much fun and long overdue!

We went to Johnny Carino's an italian restaurant in Idaho Falls - YUM - and had quite an enjoyable time in the company of adults minus the fuss, muss, chaos, and mess of all of our little ones. I hadn't been there before and it was delicious.

The true reason for our evening out was to celebrate Amy's birthday! Happy Birthday Amy! You are one of the kindest and friendliest girls!

By the end of the evening my head hurt from laughing, and I got to know three fun girls a whole lot better. And you girls are fun.

My favorite one liners said by Amy, that coming out of her mouth are more hilarious than I have ever heard another person say: "Let's be honest here..." followed by something so honest you almost spit your drink out, and "I'm not going to lie to ya..."

Oh, if you could only hear it come out of her mouth. Ahh, good times.


ShelbyA said...

Those "Amy quotes" are so hilarious! I had so much fun on our night out, and I haven't even posted it on my own blog yet! Maybe I should hurry and do that...

nicki said...

Maybe Idaho's not all bad...it looks like you're meeting some nice girls there. But we NEED you here. Are you sure you can't move back? Please?

You need to get permission from Amy to post her quote!!

emilyshaw said...

sure wish i could have gone! i miss girl's night with you!!