Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Farewell Calvin Klein

And, a great pair of Calvin Klein's bites the dust. So I ripped my fat pants. NO not because I am so large and in charge that the seams split out the butt. I know that is how it sounded. But sadly, my only pair of jeans that fits (since I STILL haven't lost 20 pounds from having my last child 18 months ago, yes 18 it is sad) yes my ONLY pair of jeans that I was so desperately attached to because I am in denial and unwilling to purchase more (because I will lose those dang pounds just you see). I seriously almost cried. Purchasing jeans has been a very traumatic part of my life. I have flashbacks from the tween to teen years just thinking about it. I am 5'4" tall. That is exactly between petite length and regular length which means yes, sadly, petite is totally high water and regular is like 4 inches too long, and it just has never been a joyful experience. Except for this one time when I went shopping with my friend Nicki. I had finally lost the pounds after having children 1& 2 consecutively. Yeah, then I got pregnant 2 months later.

It all happened a couple of days ago... I was hurriedly putting away the dishes and had two different cupboards ajar and happened to catch my bum on the corner of one and those comfy Calvin's caught their demise.

I was not happy that date night had to turn into a jean shopping extravaganza and I think once I informed Chris of that info. he had to go in the other room to hide his own tears. He hates to go shopping with me.

But, yes ladies, the Lord answers prayers because we went straight to Macy's in the good old jean dept. there and low and behold, they still had the EXACT same pair I had purchased 3 years ago! It was as if a spot light and heavenly concourses of angels sang as I walked closer to that rack of pure curve hugging just in the right places, big enough in the waist yet roomy enough in the thunderthighage area yet long enough with a pair of high heeled boots to make me look like I am curvy and all of 5'7" (you ladies with height don't know how blessed you truly are)! Hallelujah! And thank you Calvin Klein and Macy's for all you have done for me. Date night was saved and my faith in finding a pair of jeans to adequately adorn my stout legs was restored!


emilyshaw said...

ya know ... i think i heard the angels sing as i read this post! there is hope for me!

Lori Ann said...

I am soooooo glad you were able to reunite with some new jeans! ;)

apyknowzitall said...

I took over April's blog so I could say hi to Chris!

Tell that sucker I said Hi and that I still could own him at ping-pong!

apyknowzitall said...

(That will teach me to leave my blogging window unattended...)

I totally feel with you. I have my designated pants drawer filled and only 2 pairs actually fit (before I got preggers againg.) I absolutely refuse to DI any of them. Now I'm just waiting to pop then I can stop wearing my scrub bottoms.

JennyG said...

Hey this was so true for me too. I was laughing so hard reading this. You truly know how to write a story.