Monday, February 4, 2008

After Christmas Haul

So I have never actually done the after christmas thing, but after the serious haul I made this year, I will be hitting the after christmas rush forevermore. Me and JG got up at the dang crack of dawn to some serious snow on the ground. Chris didn't want me to go, but there was no stopping the shopping monster within. So I rolled out of my driveway at 5:15 AM with the snow a-comin down, and picked up Jen. I couldn't even pull in her driveway because there would have been no escaping. Any how, long story short, here are a few of the pictures of my house finally decorated AFTER Christmas from my thrify purchases:

Okay, so I'm gonna stop with the photos, because now it just seems like I'm bragging. Sorry. But I got such a great deal on stuff, and I was in dire need of real grown-up decorations. All of my buckets were from the days of newlywed life, and it was high time to bid them farewell. I did get gifts for all of my activity day girls for the year for only $1.44. I was so dang proud of myself.

Because I was a first timer, I had to call the afterchristmasqueen herself for advice. One of my BFF's Emily had lots of great advice on what stores to hit. We shopped by phone together, so we were together in spirit. JG and I had my minivan packed to the brim, so had to call it quits. We had so much fun, and I highly recommend this experience to all.

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emily said...

it's fun huh!! i've been telling you all along!!! love you!