Monday, February 4, 2008


It was girls night at JG's and we had a Bunko par-tay, let me tell you. So hey, where were you?
Thanks for putting this together Jen. We needed a fun party girl like you to begin it all!! We all had such a great time together, and now we are never going away...
Me and Jenny looking especially hot in this particular photo

(I am starting to think that I have alot of friends with the same name as me)

Me blowing on the dice, because coercion helps you win, don't ya know?

All of the fun girls that came, in two consecutive shots.

These are the cute prizes JG got - lots of valentines day decorations - good job JG.

We missed you if you didn't come! We are going to do it every month, so if you weren't here, I'm inviting you now, so you better come next time!


emily said...

i wish i could come!! your girls look like girls that i'd really like! love you!

Jenny G. said...

Hey that is one hot sexy photo of us. For some reason they aren't as cute when we did these kind of pics in highschool. I hate to think it is because our big hair back then made us look better. I know our faces are still the same size... right? Thank heavens the 80's big hair is coming back and I will be the first to rat my hair again .... you all waite and see. Hey that just gave me a fun thought.... We should have a couple of theme nights for bunco.. Ya know like 80's night... pajama night... old ladies night.... 50's night this could be really fun Any one up for this????? What a great excuse to have a little exstra fun girls.