Monday, February 4, 2008


While in Utah for Dave's wedding, we got to see some of our BFF's from washington, the Yancey's! We love you guys! They took care of our three holy terrors while we went to Dave and Jen's sealing. We always have a good time with the Yancey's, its like coming home. They were our neighbors in our first apartment when we were all newlyweds. We couldn't believe that we had members of our church living right next door! Holy cow! Now all of my neighbors are in my ward.

I'll have you know, she is one of the cutest, funnest, funniest girls I know. She always makes my hair look cute, she knows how to decorate, and she always smells good. I love you Jen!

The two little buddies Chris and Dale. They are so funny together.

One of my fav. stories with the Yancey's happened a long time ago when we were neighbors. It was Chris's birthday, and I had bought like two bags of clothes for him from Old Navy, and had nowhere to hide it from him in our little apartment. So I of course asked Jen if she could hide them at her house for me. Well, Dale saw two bags of men's clothes in their spare bedroom and asked who they were for. Jen of course said, "Oh, those? They are for Chris." And Dale was all "What?!" and Jen was all, "Yeah, you know, for his birthday." And Dale was all "WHAT?!" And then Jen just started laughing when it finally occured to her that Dale thought that SHE had bought all of the clothes for Chris herself. HA HA HA! I laugh about this everytime it comes up!

Dale and Jen, we just love you guys.


emily said...

We love them too!! We miss them TONS!! and you guys too!!

tricki_nicki said...

Good old Jen and Dale. I so wish we all still lived close to each other. It's not very often that you meet people that you could be life long friends with...Maybe someday we'll start our own eutopia. Austin anyone?