Monday, February 4, 2008

Super bowl party

Any excuse for a party! Okay, so I did have to mentally prepare myself for the four hour marathon of a football game that I am not particularly interested in, but truth be told, I didn't actually watch any of it. We spent the afternoon with these guys:

These are our friends the Ball's. Aren't they cute?

The boys in the ZONE

Me and BB

Bailey, Jake, Carter, Jaxon and Cannon Ball (Yes, Cannon Ball). The kids

had way too much fun for their own good. Bailey and Jake

LOVE Jaxon and Cannon. They are some cute kids!

We of course ate too much food. It was good though. And I spent my time neglecting my friend all the while making these for my card club:


emily said...

Go Giants! not that i watched ANY of the game or know anything about either team! but fun party! and darling cards!

tricki_nicki said...

Are you serious? Cannon Ball? That is hilarious! Gotta love parents with a sense of humor!