Monday, February 4, 2008

Wedding Bells

We went to Salt Lake last weekend for these two love birds..

Aren't they too cute?

My handsome little brother and me. I love you my little Rabi.

His beautiful bride, Jen. I love you too Jen.

The whole fam damily in front of Mt. Timpanogas temple,

which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL by the way. Wow, we don't

get too many pictures with all of us together.


emily said...

Wow - she's gorgeous and he's DARLING (as always!) it looks like a great day! hope it was lovely for all the family!

tricki_nicki said...

Whatsup Rapunzel! Holy cow, your hair is looooong!

ANd the bride and groom are so cute. Loved your pics of the wedding day.

Julie K. said...

Congrats to you dave and Jenn Nichols! It looked like an amazing day!! Hey and Jenn Cook, there's another Jenn Nichols!! Yay that's who I knew you as, as well as your Girls Camp name, what was it again? Anyway love ya girl! What great pics of the cute couple!